Chapel Island

Chapel IslandThese great Adirondack Mountains are gray and misty, even the lakes are dark and deep, no blue sky or water to be seen yesterday or today. 

Since my arrival Wednesday night the temperature has ranged from 40 to almost 90 degrees.  The weather tempermental, unpredictable.  Yet everywhere I look there is beauty and grandeur.  I forgive the cold and then the heat, I forgive the dark gray days filled with mist and the sudden burst of sun through a tiny space of blue lasting only moments before disappearing into the dark gray sky. 

The loons cry, campfires burn, birds sing, leaves begin to turn, fish jump, children splash with delight into the cold lake water, water skiiers ride the wake, sailboats sail, pontoons party their way around the waters edge, eagles scream and soar, and the earth smells ever so sweet.  I’m bundled up with all my sweatshirts, and strip down to my tankini, forgiving the drastic temperature change…just to be here basking in the glory of Mother Nature at her best.

The pines are straight and tall reaching into the clouds, needles fall blanketing the forest, pinecones large and small dot the earth.  Just as I write in this moment the sun finally peeks through the cloudy sky for the first time today, radiant, rays pouring through the surrounding forest into my window.

             Chapel Island                                    

This morning Aunt Carol and I went to Chapel Island accessible only by boat to an Interfaith Service.  This tiny island at the southern end of upper Saranac Lake was deeded to the Presbytery of Lake Champlain and a small Victorian chapel was built in 1892.  This lovely little church was burned in 1956 and restored in 1957.  There is no electric and the music is provided by a battery operated organ.  Damp and misty day, yet beautiful…I am so grateful to be here…and so very blessed to experience the abundance of the Adirondacks.


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  1. Kristin Follette Said:

    How do I get more information on Chapel Island? I would like to get married there!

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